Wasteland & One Year Special!

Here our sore but jubilant ramblings of our weekend in the wastes! Thats right good listener, the ClusterCast packed its happy little troop (sans one mike-the-comic-guy, that lame butt) into beast of machine and metal, and ventured into the apolicips that is  Wasteland Weekend. On our trek back we recorded an impromptu cast, albeit on a cellphone. Sorry for atrocious acoustics. If you like Mad Max, Fallout, Waterworld, or are just a fan of the End Times this event is for you.


Time Keeps On Slipping

Into the Future! Well it has been a few crazy weeks. We had some leftover hurricane biz come and wreck our shiz, and put us off our game. But we are back, albeit from the the past. Here is one recorded early this month, be impressed by our acting skills. Be entertained by our misfortations!  Listen to tales of comic shops of yesteryear, and of the woes of product review addicted children. Learn how you may one day experience flight, just as a bird does. No, for serious on that part. It’s pretty cool.